Portfolio Management Services

Our experts in portfolio services have a wealth of knowledge in their field after many years within the investment management sector. We have a long history of building strong and lasting relationships with clients to manage their portfolios and overall investment approach.

We are able to build and manage portfolios for clients based on agreed investment objectives and risk profiles. The relationships with clients is based on excellent communication and understanding of clients’ needs and objectives. We are able to offer advisory investment portfolios, and through selected third parties, discretionary investment portfolios.

The use of discretionary investment managers enables active management of the portfolios, without individual client approval for fund changes, thereby freeing the investment managers to make appropriate investment decisions to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

For those clients who are as concerned about social wellbeing as they are about their own future financial strength we are able to offer Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance portfolios.


Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) form an important component of most investment portfolios, as they offer valuable tax advantages. The limits on both Cash and Stocks and Shares ISAs have been increased on a regular basis and individuals have been able to build sizable investments in this tax efficient vehicle. Existing ISAs can be transferred to new investment managers which offers you the opportunity for them to become an integral element of your overall investment portfolio. We can review existing ISAs and recommend additional ones where appropriate.

Investment Bonds

Investment Bonds are an important tax wrapper for holding investments, particularly for Trustees, who can sometimes use them to avoid the need for annual tax returns. Also, for higher rate tax payers, who will be basic rate tax or non tax payers at some point in the future. Pharon provide Investment Bonds both onshore and offshore, with competitive charging and structured investment solutions. Our qualified financial planners are able to guide you through these options in a jargon free, unbiased way.

Just as there are many providers of investment bonds available, there are also many different charging structures and investment options as well, therefore independent advice is essential to select the one most suitable to your needs. Our qualified financial planners are able to guide you through these options in a jargon free, unbiased way.